February Newsletter

March 3, 2022

Dear Esteemed Customer,  

It’s February – the month of love, and one for making really vital decisions. Our profound appreciation goes to you, for having chosen to trust in the past. Oh, and if you’re hearing from Horizon Estates for the first time, thank you too for reading. You’re in for a lot of good timely information that can totally set the trajectory of your 2022 on an very rewarding course, starting with February.  

We hope you wouldn’t mind if you 2022 turns out to be your best financial year yet. Well, the next question that would easily follow such a statement, especially when it has to do with finances is “How?” 

Without taking much of your time, let’s talk about it. 

February is a month filled with love and if it has remotely crossed your mind to have a season that’s different from the usual; a period that can easily be one for the history books, then let’s help you picture an alternate reality for a little bit. Imagine this: 

It’s the evening of the 14th. As the sun sets, you drive with your partner to an undisclosed location, blindfolded. You lead your partner to the front of a home and hand them a decorated scissors. You untie the blindfold and in front of them is a majestic 3-Bed maisonette duplex. An outlandish gift from you to them. Imagine the smile, the hug, and joyful feeling that will follow. But it doesn’t stop there.   

The home is located in the choicest neighbourhood in Lagos – Lekki. The interior and exterior are fitted with the finest features you can find. It has a view and every time you come home, you relax and enjoy the ambiance of your home with your significant other. The best part? You can flip it at any time and make a whopping 30% – 50% ROI.  

Horizon Estates’ Unique Quality (Luxury Homes , Duplexes and Apartments in Lekki, Lagos)

Over the last 8 years, Horizon Estate has been revolutionizing the real estate space in Lagos. We have created luxurious homes in prime locations in and around Lekki, and made them available for you, and others who have a taste for a luxurious lifestyle.   

We understand that you deserve the most beautiful things of life, and the most important place to start is from your home. We have consistently delivered on quality, luxury, and affordability; so much so that our returning investors already know what to expect.  

Special Valentine Offer 

The valentine season is upon us, and you can trust that we have witnessed a spike in the purchase of homes at Horizon Estates. Giving out a home is for a lot of people, the ultimate expression of love and there is arguably no better option than a home at Horizon Estates.  

Even as you read someone is making an initial deposit for a home they want to gift to their partners as the ultimate show of love. It’s beyond just any other gift – It’s a timeless treasure that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.  

Alright. So, what are the best offers to key into, this month? 

Table of Horizon Estates Offers, prices, and phone numbers. 


Project Update 

Pearl Waterfront: Just as we mentioned last time, construction work at the Pearl Waterfront is progressing steadily with depth and accuracy. At the Block of Flats, we have completed the first-floor slab and first-floor column while the second-floor slab is ongoing. 

We have completed piling, pile cap, and ground beam works at the NRA to wrap up the foundation stage activities. Work is ongoing on the ground floor column.  

Kindly refer to the table below for details on delivery timeline. 



Cyberville: Remember that last month we mentioned that we have completed certain parts of this project and even delivered the keys to homeowners. The accomplishment of this milestone and the resultant commendations by homeowners serve as catalysts for our engineers. Below is a snapshot of updates across the project. 

At the R4A-5 block of semi-detached duplex, we have completed the installation of roof carcass while awaiting roof covering and external wall plastering. Generally, we’re working round the clock across the project site to ensure that we deliver pristine quality in record time. 

Kindly refer to the table below for details on delivery timeline. 



Our Commitment 

This is the point where we will tell you that you’re not only getting the best value for your investment at Horizon Estates. You’re also setting yourself up for a lifetime of gratitude from those you love. 


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Thank you so much once again for your time. 

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