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I want make good karma on a monthly basis. We currently pinned some articles, but i’d like enhance my knowledge/information for raise the karma on my account. I am going to edit this, also I have some concerns. In this website it says that: The answer to a “nice” question is at least on reddit (/r/nice and /r/askreddit) within /r/all, so maybe if you have something to share there with good karma, you can share it there and then it will accumulate over time.

What are those “positive actions” you need to boost the karma? Any particular one I know that I am able to assist many people with my information, like incorporate information for enhance the knowledge for some people. I do not think it’s a good idea to abuse the device. It’d escape hand pretty quickly and may cause all kinds of things – you will be posting a thing that’s wrong, a spam post, or simply posting the incorrect thing. You then’d obtain the “downvotes” all around us for “unhelpful” posts.

We asked them should they thought that attempting to sell accounts had been recommended, and answer was pretty much the points above. It had been recommended, they said, because it would produce a more protected community. It will be an easy method for Reddit to help make more money. It might be a way to make Reddit similar to Twitter and Twitter. Your karma rating does not change due to this whilst the visitor’s karma score doesn’t increase.

It is possible to boost your quantity when you are a contributor towards the site. You upvote aided by the upvote button and downvote using the downvote key with other users. You’re accountable for the grade of content on Reddit and you’re additionally responsible for the flagging of spam. Submit a person link that you have flagged as spam. Ohanian said your new company would focus on building a new community. “We don’t want to shut your website down, but we do desire to rebrand it,” Ohanian stated.

“we should be sure that we have an identity. We want to make sure that our users know very well what reddit is, exactly what reddit is doing. An increase of the number would be a reward for the efforts. You can certainly do well by publishing news, informative information, or active involvement in the neighborhood. The method that you become the main conversation just isn’t as essential as the method that you take part in the community (ie provided valuable informative data on this website).

As to more submissions monthly, you (1) simply increase the quantity of upvotes a day which you do (2) your writing improves which attracts more visitors to the website while (3) put premium articles on your web site which gains you more web site traffic.


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