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Our profound appreciation goes to you, for choosing to trust us in the past. Also, we appreciate you for reading this invaluable material that we have put together for your benefit. Everything we do at Horizon Estates is in your best interest, and that is why we do not hesitate to bring you empowering information that can very well set the trajectory of your 2022 on a very rewarding course.

Q1 2022 slowly comes to an end and we are hoping that this year turns out to be your best financial year yet; one filled with many quality decisions.

Speaking of Quality Decisions

At Horizon Estates, we have continuously pushed our limits to provide you with homes of pristine quality, revolutionizing the real estate space in Lagos. Our homes of ever-appreciating value have brought huge smiles to the faces of investors who decided to partner with us. We didn’t just embark on executing our Lagos projects; we factored in your crystal-clear taste for luxury and quality.

Everyone knows that quality things take ample time and when it comes to delivery, some developers would invariably have you choose between quality and timeliness. No one desires a haphazard project delivered on time. At Horizon Estates we have ensured that structures are put in place to collapse time for you and still hand over a home that surpasses the quality you had initially imagined.

Compared to several of our competitors, we have over the years garnered the reputation for delivering top quality projects in shorter time frames, to the utter satisfaction of several clients who made the rewarding decision to partner with Horizon Estates.

Client Testimonials

We don’t just have the results, we have clients’ feedback to keep us motivated. Here are a few testimonials from some of our return investors.

“I am impressed with the progress so far. When I saw the timeline, I thought things would take forever; but I’m getting my keys soon. My children and I are excited.”

  • Josephine G.

“I can boldly say that this is one of the most profitable investments I’ve ever made. I already started getting rental and shortlet inquiries even before I collected my keys.”

  • Adebola A.

“I visited the site and the way the workers and staff work tirelessly and diligently is impressive. At this rate, the homes will be completed in no time, just like last time.”

  • Uche U.

Are We forgetting ROI?

Of course not. We can’t forget to talk about one of the most admired features of a Horizon Investment. When your home is located in one of the most in-demand neighbourhoods in Lagos, then you know your ROI is fool proof. The best part of partnering with us is that you can flip your property and make over 50% ROI, depending on which offers you key into, and how much its value has appreciated.

Alright. So, what are the best offers to key into, this month?

Table of Horizon Estates Offers, prices, and phone numbers.

Project Update

Pearl Waterfront: Work at the Pearl Waterfront is progressing at a steadily pace. We have completed the first-floor slab and first-floor column while the second-floor slab is ongoing. We have completed piling, pile cap, and ground beam works at the NRA to wrap up the foundation stage activities. Work is ongoing on the ground floor column.

Kindly refer to the table below for details on delivery timeline.


Cyberville: Remember that last month we mentioned that we have completed certain parts of this project and even delivered the keys to homeowners. The accomplishment of this milestone and the resultant commendations by homeowners serve as catalysts for our engineers. Below is a snapshot of updates across the project.

At the R4A-5 block of semi-detached duplex, we have completed the installation of roof carcass while awaiting roof covering and external wall plastering. Generally, we’re working round the clock across the project site to ensure that we deliver pristine quality in record time.

Kindly refer to the table below for details on delivery timeline.


Our Commitment

Soon, the next batch of Horizon Investors will get their keys and our commitment remains the same – Super quality homes in the shortest time possible.

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