Why Most Successful Real Estate Investors Prefer To Invest In Off-Plan Properties

The Sneaky Secret of the Smartest Investors 

First Things First  

In the game of business, everyone looks for the best deal. Investors always seek opportunities where they can increase the gap between capital and revenue, and if you think about it, that’s valid.
If you’ve been in the real estate business, buying off plans is not something that should be news to you. You might have even bought a couple of off-plan properties, but chances are, you have yet to discover the true treasures of this purchase model. 

What you’re about to read is an exposition of the sneaky secrets of the Smartest Investors. You are about to learn the best-kept secret most successful investors won’t dare share.  
We won’t just reveal these secrets to you, we’ll also show you how to find the best off-plan deals, how to negotiate the best terms, and how to make the most of your investment. Just keep reading! 

 Why Smart Investors Prefer Off-Plan:

The truth is that off-plan is worth all the hype. It is almost like it has been rigged to be in your favor because, how else do you get to spend less on purchases and yet still have the full legal right to sell for so much more? You know what, enough of the plenty talk, let’s show you all the benefits you’ve been missing out on with Off-plan purchases.

  The Glaring Benefits You Are Missing Out On:   

          1. You spend less and sell for way more: 

One main advantage you get from buying property off-plan is you get to secure the property at a price way below market value. Do you think that’s all, wait till you hear that you can even negotiate. For long-term thinkers, this is way more than an offer, it’s a channel they intentionally build for a reason.
Due to developers wanting to demonstrate a certain level of sales before marketing the development or to sell as many units as possible before completion, they offer additional discounts for investors purchasing multiple properties at any one time as an added incentive.  

For interested homeowners who want a slice of the real estate pie, you can negotiate directly with the developer to obtain the best discounts.  

           2.  You control when you’ve had enough:     

As time goes by, it’s more than likely that your property will rise in value before completion. That’s why there’s an option for you to put your property up for sale when you no longer feel like waiting for it to be completed.
Even at that stage, it will bring you more than the capital you invested. Therefore, bringing you high earnings without the stress of waiting for your developer to finish. It’s a win-win.  

          3. Small deposits and staged payments 

This depends on the developer and also on the property because some off-plan deals have the added benefit of staged payments. These payments help to spread the cost of the purchase and enable investors to purchase property without making a significantly large deposit.  

 Apart from the benefits buying off a plan can give to your finances, some benefits will still tickle your fancy as a homeowner.   

          4. Future Pacing 

Buying an off-plan property helps you plan your life without pressure. A great example is a retirement plan. If you plan on retiring in a couple of years, you can start buying your retirement home today, go through your life stress-free, and move into your own home just after its completion. 

          5. You can tweak the design of your unit

Whether you plan to live or resell the property, one of the principal advantages of buying an off-plan property is to be able to choose and customize most aspects of your next home. You can communicate with the company about your desired results. Only an off-plan sale offers you that luxury. 

          6. An Easier Way Out:

The Off-plan game is easy and open for all who dare to plan. Smart investors see more than buying a home and flipping it to interested homeowners because a large chunk of the profit they make goes back into investing in off-plan properties.
It’s not just an easy way to build long-term generational wealth, it is also an opportunity for savvy investors to leave a legacy behind for others. The pattern, although so open, is a road not frequently plied. We can help you start the journey.


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